Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Lost Friend

The euphoria of our successful Soldiers To The Summit expedition has been dampened by the tragic news of the loss of our friend, Chhewang Nima Sherpa. Only seven days after he stood with us on the summit of Lobuche, Chhewang was fixing ropes near the summit of Baruntse, which is one valley to the east. He was at about ...23,000 feet when a corniced ridge collapsed, sweeping him away. An immediate rescue was launched but it eventually had to be called off due the danger to rescuers.

Chhewang had climbed Everest 19 times, and countless other peaks, making him one of the most experienced mountaineers in the world. He was also an instructor at the Khumbu Climbing Center, which was established by the Alex Lowe Foundation to help make climbing safer for all the Sherpas.

A resident of the village of Thame, Chhewang was a proud husband and father of beautiful daughters. He was widely known in the climbing community for his big smile, boundless energy, and humility. It is a sad time in the Khumbu region and for all of us whom he touched.
Namaste Chhewang!