Friday, December 15, 2006

Signing On

I will just say outright that I am new and naive when it comes to this cosmic realm of blogging. As with most things in life, being introduced to a new concept, application or mechanized instrument comes in the form of someone taking a few minutes...or hours in my patiently explain the intricacies of this new found valuable asset.

Mine came in the form of my airplane compadre Erik who proved be a very smart fellow on many topics...all of which I am not. Erik turned me onto the world of blog as well as many of the nuances of internet security as he works for Verisgn.

So, the way I will choose to interpret my blog site is that I can post anything I damn well please...Perhaps folks will read it over time and perhaps they will even comment on it.

My plan is to post daily thoughts in just about every field and topic with a heavy hand in the world of adventure travel and corporate keynote speaking....both of which I do to make a living. I will also be posting short stories some of which I plan on applying to my 'under construction' book.

The hope is in '07 we will be doing dispatches from many of the expeditions MountainVision undertakes and adding them to this site.

Thats it for the sign on....much more to come.