Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Your Success is Dictated By Your Ropeteam

It is a basic premise in my keynote address and one that is quite obvious to most who are involved in a teamwork setting....the fact that you will win or lose with your team...your fate is inextricably connected to those you choose to put on your ropeteam. I have seen this play out in the mountains first hand many times over the course of my 15 year climbing career...but I have now seen it clearly illustrated in my professional life as well.

In early 2007, I was approached by a local, small market speaker bureau to go "exclusive" with them regarding all of my speaking events. This initially appeared to be a wonderful opportunity in developing my speaking career which was already moving with great momentum. I was honored and excited about what laid ahead. This local bureau promised me a minimum of events which would easily satisfy my needs. The future was bright.

I knew something was wrong about 6 months into the year and this bureau had yet to secure even 1 event for me. The year proceeded in this fashion as they failed to perform on a very clear level. They made promises they were unable to fulfill.

In my excitement to 'team up' with an organization that I believed in, I neglected to really discover with whom I was linking my fate. Where their principles in line with mine?

-Open communication between all teammembers.
-Strong and driven leadership.
-Leadership that is open to change and thrives on communication.
-Respected amongst colleagues.
-A group based on integrity.

Months into the year long contract I realized that I had roped up with a team that was far from sharing my vision of success and on top of that, was incapable of performing as they had claimed. This lead to a painful year of loss as my momentum slipped away.

But as 2008 rang in, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with a group of folks that shared all of the same characteristics with me... and as a bonus was one of the top agencies in the country. My prayers were answered.

I am now thrilled to be working with The Agency Speakers. They are as good as it gets...a team that works together effectively, strives for integrity and communicates openly. All of the ingredients necessary for success.

Currently I have already booked more events in 2008 than I did all of 2007...just due to my new team. My momentum is back and all is good on my rope team.

Win together, lose together. Your fate is shared. One of the most critical decisions you will ever make is who you rope up with.