Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Project MountainVision Foundation

I'm happy to announce the establishment of a long awaited project of mine...

The Project MountainVision Foundation is a non profit venture that donates 1% of all MVX client fees to many of our existing social projects around the globe. We feel it is critical that while experiencing the world of adventure in such unique and wondrous places, we must act as global citizens and contribute in constructive and socially conscientious ways to the local destinations and communities.

Some of our projects include an ongoing adobe brick construction "add-on" to a small school in an isolated Peruvian village, providing necessary educational school supplies to an AIDS orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania and delivering medical supplies to local clinics in the outskirts of Paro, Bhutan.

We encourage all of our MVX clients to participate in the building and distribution of materials on each of our trips. We also love receiving suggestions and project ideas from our friends and clients prior to departure.