Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here We Go!!!!

It's on...tonight!
Starting tonight on ABC, my team No Limits will race 12 other teams across Morocco for the Expedition Impossible prize.
I had mixed feelings about heading into this adventure when Erik first pitched it to me. The prospect of being on a reality show made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. There was no way I wanted to be a part of some Survivoresque, voting off, alliance riddled game show. There just seemed to be no upside to the experience if that was the format and I expressed this concern to Erik.
After a little Q&A with the casting director, we were informed that this "reality show" was actually a harken back to Mark Burnette's Eco Challenge style race.
Now you've got my attention.
Erik and I have competed in several adventure races over the years, most notably PrimalQuest in 2004. After only sleeping 18hrs in 9 days during PQ I swore to never do another race like that again.
Clearly I have remarkable short term memory.
Once Erik and I committed to the race we had to select a 3rd teammate. We could have selected any number of our hundreds of very fit and capable adventuring pals...many of which would have loved to have been a part of such a big production adventure. We went with our new buddy Ike Isaacson, one of the wounded soldiers from our Soldiers to the Summit project last Fall. Ike was injured in combat a few years back and seemed to be a totally capable teammate for this unique experience. The great pitch here was that Ike had some partial hearing loss while in Afghanistan so the perfect team name for us would be "Deaf, Dumb and Blind"...and yes, I accept my role with pride.
The adventure was full of grand TV production clusters...some interesting, others ludicrous and pointless. However the entire experience was exactly what we were looking adventure.
Tune in starting tonight on ABC....see if we can turn the Impossible into something possibly worth watching.