Thursday, December 9, 2010


Friday, December 10
As I'm sitting here in my hotel room waiting to head to the airport and begin the long journey home, I think fondly on this most recent adventure and my 21 new friends. Over the course of nearly 2 weeks, we walked, shared meals and suffered together...creating a bond that is unique in its depth. It's clear to me after years of adventuring that a persons true heart is exposed when put through challenging events. I watched as each of my new friends dug down deeper than they ever imagined possible to reach this summit. And it's in this struggle that each person found that fundamental place that exists within each of us...that hides from most folks and takes "a little bit of pain" to expose it.
It was an honor to walk with each of these guys and share in such discovery.
A deep and profound thank you to JC Huezinga for putting this group together and being the catalyst for all the goodness.
Till next time...
Jeff and the crew