Monday, December 20, 2010

A Recent Event Testimonial...

A wonderful reference sent from a former client to a potential client...

I highly recommend Jeff Evans as a speaker for your National Sales Meeting.

Jeff spoke at Megadyne Medical's National Sales Meeting in March of 2009 at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City. He not only has an inspiring and compelling personal story to tell - taking the first blind man to the top of Mount Everest - but does so in an engaging and enlightening manner using analogies from his experience and the climbing teams ultimate success to the teamwork, leadership and execution required to be successful in the corporate world. He was a huge hit with our sales team and was the top rated event over the course of the meeting.

Even today, after two years, we often refer to his presentation and/or Everest observations as we discuss our own goals, objectives and targets. The Megadyne management team and sales force came away from the presentation with a greater understanding of the commitment required to achieve significant goals, the vision and leadership required to stay focused on the summit, and the planning, execution and teamwork necessary to move up the mountain!

Moreover, we found a partner and friend in Jeff. He was extremely easy to work with and very interested in learning about Megadyne and our needs. He demonstrated a geniune desire to understand our electrosurgical product lines, markets and customers. He has a medical background and could easily "talk the talk" with our sales team - easily attaining a level of credibility that enhanced his presentation.

Jeff was able to easily weave our desired message and focus into his presentation. In fact, we based the theme of our National Sales Meeting - "Reaching New Summits" - around his message and ensured that everyone had a copy of his book to take home after the presentation as a reminder. Needless to say, Jeff made an extremely positive impact on our overall message to the sales force and helped set the tone for the years sales objectives.

Based on your stated goals, I am positive that Jeff will have the same impact for you.