Friday, July 8, 2011

If He's Willing to Push it...I'm Willing to Take Him There

Another tough stage is behind us now on Episode 3 of Expedition Impossible. Erik, Ike and I moved up to 2nd place overall once all of the camel riding, puzzle solving and dust storm forging was over. I remember this stage very vividly as it stood as the most freaked out I've ever seen my boy Erik....and I clearly have seen him in countless sketchy situations. The camels took the cake.

We were introduced to camels in Episode 1, however the creatures from Episode 3 were a whole different breed. I actually never rode a camel the first time around...just walked in front, leading the train across the dunes. So as we arrived into the "camel outpost" I was gearing up to take my first ride.

It was clear from the get go that these camels were not excited to have anyone riding them as Erik's camel was trying to get rid of him in a similar fashion as the horse did with me in last weeks episode. Erik had the look of Jesus in his eyes (yes, Jesus can occasionally be seen in a set of glass eyes) as he was getting bucked left and right. We finally decided as a team that the safest and most efficient way to travel was going to be to walk these feisty creatures to our destination...riding them was out of the question.

The barrel raft went by for us in a pretty uneventful way. We just problem solved the most efficient way to paddle and then executed. Not enough drama to make for good TV.

Lot's of folks are asking why Ike is not interviewed at all. Well, he was...just as much as Erik and I. What's clear is that it's all up to the producers what gets shown, who speaks and what gets cut. Ike's presence will be felt here soon as some rather dramatic turns will take place that will shove him front and center. It's comin!

As we cross the finish line in 2nd place they show me saying something like "Erik is pushing himself exponentially harder than anyone else on this race. And if he's willing to push himself like that...then I'm willing to take him there." I have seen Erik put it all out there over the years...pushing himself beyond what I ever thought was possible. He has an extra gear that allows him to go further than what could possibly be anticipated. I've seen it many times. On more than one occasion on this race I asked Erik if he could "give me a little bit more". Every single time...he did. That dude has more will to push it than anyone I know. As much as he inspires folks around the world... he inspired me countless times to take him further and higher.
Next week...the Atlas Mountains. I'm feeling good about our chances ;)