Friday, July 1, 2011

Leaving Erik Behind...

Yep...that's what happened.
For those of you that didn't catch it (you can follow the ABC link and watch last nights episode), I had Erik stay put while Ike and I took off to do the water challenge.
I could I go and just leave my blind buddy to wander around like a lost dog. I'd like to say it was just Hollywood editing that got us in the spot...but truth be told, I really did just leave him there.
I was so wrapped up in the competition that I simply forgot about the 20ft rule that's in place for all adventure races. The production team wasn't about to let us (even the blind dude team) get away with blowing off that rule.
The fortuitous thing that happened though was after Ike and I got back with our bucket of water and the staff told us to dump it and take Erik with us next time, we happened to select the most water tight bucket that was it still only took us 1 trip back and forth from the water source. Every other team took 2 runs. So, it was a wash.
I know when I'm with Erik that my experience will be different. I have to check my own agenda at the door. I am on shift for him. I have known that for 18 years of working with him and I have accepted that role everyday I'm with him. Yes, at times being with him requires double the effort and clearly at times I have to slow down quite a bit (which is tough for this competitive old boy to handle sometimes). However...adventuring with Erik has enhanced my experiences more than I could ever relate. When I'm with him my senses are heightened in ways that they never are when I'm not guiding him. I am acutely aware of everything around me...all of the things that could hurt him... or worse. As a result the world takes on a sharper detail. I feel threats...I sense danger...and I manage fear. I am grateful to him for enhancing my experience in ways that no one else can.
On to Episode 3. Hope you enjoy.